Sustainability Statement

At Higher Trewithen, we are very conscious that everything we do has an impact on the environment. We want to tread as lightly as we can, minimising the carbon footprint of our business and inspire our guests to make small changes themselves.

We want our guests to make memories that last a lifetime, exploring the beautiful beaches and rugged countryside, reconnecting with nature, and of course relaxing.

Cleaning products

Our first step in creating an eco-conscious escape for our guests was to research the most environmentally friendly cleaning products. It may seem like a small step, but small steps soon add up! With 7 properties and 21 beds, there is a lot of cleaning and washing to do. Wherever possible, we only use products that are made from natural ingredients, septic tank safe and cruelty free from brands such as Bio D, Method & Astonish. We buy in bulk where possible and refill detergents, cutting down on packaging waste.

Recycling & Waste

Packaging waste and especially plastic is top of everyone’s mind of course. We try to make recycling as easy as possible for our guests, by simply supplying a recycling tub for collecting all dry mixed recycling (paper, plastic, metal, glass) in the one container, that can be taken to our onsite recycling bins for emptying during their stay. We also have a compost bin for any raw vegetable cuttings that our guests are welcome to use.

Energy & Water consumption

Our energy and water consumption are a major part of the business’s overall carbon footprint. We have switched to LED lighting, added more insulation to the cottages, installed exterior solar lighting, replaced appliances with energy efficient models over time and installed a 52 solar PV panels to generate our own energy and installed 3 Eddies to divert any unused energy to heat hot water in 6 of the properties. In October 2021, we committed to achieving Carbon Neutral status by 2050 by signing a pledge with SME Climate Hub and we are very excited to continue our journey!


We are nestled in 4 acres of the most beautiful countryside, but when we first arrived the fields were overgrown and needed a lot of work. Simon and I are both nature lovers and have put a lot of love and attention into the gardens, pastures, and woodlands around Higher Trewithen, turning it into a real haven for wildlife, complete with wildflower meadows, a pond and a wildlife lake and wetland.  We keep chickens, sheep, and retired racehorses to help us keep the fields trimmed down in the most natural way possible and they provide plenty of fertiliser for our flower beds, tubs and hanging baskets.  The animals love to meet our guests so come and say hello!

We have many more exciting plans for Higher Trewithen on our journey to carbon Neutral. By staying with us, our guests are supporting our work to protect the environment whilst making memories that last a lifetime.

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