Refunds and cancellation

After you receive your booking confirmation email you will not have an automatic legal right to cancel this contract as the services provided under it are accommodation and leisure services for which these terms provide a specific period of performance. You may, however, be entitled to cancel your booking as set out below.

The Cancelation Deadline is the date exactly 60 days prior to your booking commencement date.

If you cancel your booking on or before the Cancellation Deadline your Booking Deposit will be retained by us. Any remaining monies paid by you to us prior to the Cancellation Deadline, in excess of the the Booking Deposit, will be refunded to you.

If you cancel your booking after the Cancellation Deadline you will be liable to pay the total cost of your booking and we will not provide you with a refund for any fees paid to us unless they relate to cancellable booking extras.

We will endeavour to resell any cancelled dates and make refunds where dates have been successfully resold, less a £30 administration charge. If we are able to resell cancelled dates, a refund will be made equal to the value of the resale minus the administration charge.
It is your responsibility to take out the appropriate travel insurance when you book your stay, to cover you if you are unable to visit us. We do not offer any holiday insurance products, and these must be purchased independently. 

Where you have purchased booking extras and then cancel these prior to your stay we will try to provide you with a refund unless we have already incurred costs which we cannot recover, for example if we have already purchased perishable goods to fulfil your order and these cannot be reused for another guest.

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