It’s been a while since I’ve posted here oops! January has been a quiet month for us for bookings here in Cornwall but it’s been great to have the chance to give the gardens at Higher Trewithen Holiday Cottages a good deal of attention.

This is where we hope to create our playground in the future.

We’ve been working hard to clear back overgrown shrubs along the drive and around our outdoor laundry drying area which we plan on turning into a children’s playground in the future. We’re just looking into what bits and bobs might work and finding quotes but we will of course keep you updated with how it all goes.

Our drive is looking much bigger now the overgrown shurbs have been cut back.

The car park, of all places, also needed some attention as we had a number of very large shrubs that had become far too big for their boots. Now they’ve had a trim there’s a great deal more space for parking! We are fortunate to have a large gravel drive here at Higher Trewithen Holiday Cottages which is free for guests to use.

The entrance has also had a bit of a revamp with the addition of new signage, edging stones and a good tidy-up of the walls. We’ve also added some solar lights to help highlight the entrance, as it gets very dark out here at night. We’re looking into lighting options for the drive way that are a bit longer lasting. The solar ones are fine for now but they don’t really last as long as we would like and of course the trees aren’t in leaf yet but once they are this will block the amount of sunlight reaching the lamps.

The entrance is much neater now we’ve cleared the debris from all the ground and tree works.


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