February has been a crazy time for us at Higher Trewithen Holiday Cottages!

Cleaning in progress in The Barn.

I had not mentioned this before but Simon and I are expecting our third baby! In fact, I’m due today but as most people know you can never guarantee that these things happen when you expect them to. Ella and Hannah were both late arrivals. We’ve taken the decision to close the cottages for the week from the 24th to be on the safe side. I hope to be back home shortly after our new arrival makes an appearance and shall do my best to keep on top of email but please do be aware that I may not be able to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

We’ve used this “quiet period” to really give every one of the 7 self catering cottages and apartments a good deep clean and inspection. When we moved to Cornwall in July last year we were thrown in at the deep end and didn’t really get the chance to examine the contents of each and every holiday cottage. As we had our VisitEngland assessment scheduled for early February, we thought we would use the time wisely and really go to town with the cleaning before the new season. Simon and I spent two weeks cleaning walls, cupboards, crockery, bedding etc. It was very hard work but well worth it. However, I think we now an even longer list of odd jobs and improvements that we want to make for each cottage! Now we’ve got the results back we’re going over  it all in detail and I’ll be posting details of the report on here soon.

The animals are all doing well despite the continuation of the ban on letting out poultry. This comes to an end on February 28th and we can finally get them back to normal. The chickens: Doris, Daisy and Rosie are okay as they have a small outdoor run space that they can move about in. It’s not ideal but at least gives them some time in the sun, when is makes an appearance. We hope to make a nice big run for the chickens at some stage that will give them plenty of space to scratch and explore while being safe from predators.

The Geese on the other hand are not very happy! We have to let them out while we clean their bedding etc as they make such a mess when eating and drinking indoors and are quite nervous when people are in their house. This also gives them a chance to have a wash. We managed to find a deep storage tub that we can fill with enough water for them to get their heads wet and have a wash in but it’s too deep for wild birds to drink from. Once the poultry ban is lifted the geese will join the sheep out in one of the fields where they will be much happier.

The lovely Harris, our North Ronaldsay Ram, whose horns have been growing like crazy!
Goose eggs vs Chicken eggs!

Our sheep are very happy in their field and the girls are expanding just as much as I am! Daisy and Violet, our rare breed North Ronaldsay sheep, are due to lamb in April which shall be very interesting and we’re really looking forward to it. Both expectant mums are in good health and looking like they are managing their pregnancy well. Violet is very greedy and somewhat wider than Daisy so we think she is the one expecting twins but this may just be that Daisy has the benefit of wearing black! Harris has literally got a spring in his step and has been bouncing around the field with gusto. Our geese have also gotten into the spirit of spring and started laying eggs. One of our fine West of England ladies has started sitting on her eggs so goslings might be on the cards too.

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