Onsite Facilities


All residents of Higher Trewithen have access to free Wi-Fi during their stay that is suitable for light leisure use only.

However, we politely ask guests to appreciate that, due to our rural location, Wi-Fi is much slower than you may be used to if you live in more urban locations. You should also be aware that we do occasionally experience a loss of service. Every effort will be taken to restore access to Wi-Fi as soon as possible. No refunds will be given for loss of lack of Wi-Fi services.


A laundry room is available for guest use between the hours of 10am and 9pm Sunday to Friday and is locked between these hours. Guests are not able to access the laundrette on Saturdays, as the machines are required for changeovers.

There are two washing machines; two tumble dryers and a clothes spinner. All machines are coin operated and accept 50p coins only. A full washing cycle costs £1, unless set on a cotton/linen wash then a full cycle costs £1.50. The tumble dryers run for a maximum of 90 minutes and require 50p for each block of 30 minutes.

Please use laundry detergents sparingly and do not used chlorine based washing detergents as this has a negative impact on our water treatment system. Further details about the use of treatment systems can be found in, ‘Guide for Users: A Guide for users of Sewage Treatment Systems’, a copy of which can be found in each cottage.

Please inform one of the owners if there are any issues with the machines in the laundrette.

A clothes airer can be found in your cottage or apartment cleaning cupboard and a rotary dryer is situated near the entrance to the property accessed via a set of stone steps.

Tourist Information Point

A selection of information leaflets for a wide range of attractions is available from our Tourist Information Point, situated inside the launderette.

Local Tourist Information Centre: Visit Truro Tourist Information Centre, Municipal Buildings, Boscawen St, Truro TR1 2NE, Tel: 01872 274555, Website: http://www.visittruro.org.uk/


A range of board games are available for use at Higher Trewithen and can be found in the laundrette. Please return any games after use so others can enjoy them. If any parts are missing please inform one of the owners.


A number of sunloungers are available for use at Higher Trewithen. Please return them after use.

Our grounds

Guests are permitted to make use of the gardens and grounds at Higher Trewithen during their stay, except the private garden behind The Farmhouse.

We have a courtyard garden with benches, providing a pleasant seating area for guests.  A small Orchard, which is occasionally home to our rare breed poultry, can be found on the land next to the carpark. In the spring there is also a spectacular display of Bluebells. There is a sloped garden area next to The Hayloft and The Barn, where you will also find our Dovecote. The doves visit at various times of the day. Many local Jackdaws also take advantage of the food on offer here.

In addition, there are two fields opposite the entrance to Higher Trewithen; one to the left opposite the entrance and the other is further to the left with a wooden gate. This field is home to our rare breed North Ronaldsay sheep. Please make sure the wooden gate remains closed at all times.

Guests are kindly requested to use the grounds at Higher Trewithen with other guests, our animals and the environment in mind. Please clear up any litter and dispose of it responsibly.

Wildflife at Higher Trewithen

During your time at Higher Trewithen you may be fortunate enough to spot a few of our more elusive residents. We are home to a family of stoats, who live beyond the wall of the carpark and we have a number of badger sets within the more wooded areas of our fields. If you are visiting in the spring/summer months, you may spot swifts and swallows racing about above your head, catching their next meal on the wing. Every evening the local bats make an appearance around the property, along with a range of owls that you will definitely hear but will need a keen eye and patience to see.

Book Sharing Library

We operate a Book Sharing Library at Higher Trewithen, located in the laundrette. We have a wide selection of books available, which you are welcome to make use of during your stay. Don’t worry if you don’t finish the book, as you are welcome to take it home with you. If you bring a book with you and are lucky enough to finish it during your stay, please consider adding it to our Book Sharing Library collection.

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